Finding the right fit for your child

When you have a child who has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a traditional classroom setting can prove unproductive, frustrating, and, frankly, not the best for your son or daughter. Few ADHD schools, but they specialize in adaptive teaching and individualized lesson plans to present the material in a way that actually controls the hyperactive child. Choosing the ideal organization for your son or daughter can be a difficult decision. Asking these questions can help in your search for an optimal learning environment.

Classroom Size

When compared with the student to teacher ratio, the larger the gap, the less individual attention your child receives. In traditional public schools, classrooms can easily fill more than 30 students. Often, students with special needs who need one-on-one tutoring lost in the shuffle. My classroom, your child will be more involved. In the specialized schools, it may also be more than one teacher present in the classroom at a time. The more direct communication the child gets, the more effective they can participate in the study.

teacher certifications

Teachers in a traditional environment receive standardized training best serve a large population of students. In ADHD schools, teachers are specially trained and certified to meet the needs of students with ADD. This background allows them to develop specifically targeted lesson plans and present the content in a way that promotes hyperactive student. Along with this additional training, these trainers have also extensive experience working with students on a similar measure. Many will also have degrees in special education.

The Curriculum

Assess the level of homework expected of each student. Large amounts of homework can have a big commitment on the part of the parent. Teaching and additional support can provide extra guidance your child requires to complete work outside the classroom structure. Will it be a large amount of test? If so, students will have to answer questions on a computer or on paper? It will be a long test? ADHD schools are able to adapt the test as well as the standard instruction to meet the needs of the child. Special rooms shall be to ensure that the level of student’s learning is actually assessed rather than their ability to concentrate.

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